The Need for Churches

GREEN pins - cities and towns where I know of Independent Baptist churches.

Currently (as of July 1, 2017), there are 20 Independent Baptist Churches in the Republic of Ireland averaging around 20 people. Two or three have over 100 people who attend weekly. Only 2 actually own property. Jehovah's Witnesses have a "Kingdom Halls" in every major town.

Also consider that in
Statesville, NC, a town of 24,000 people, there are 13 Independent Baptist Churches. In the Republic of Ireland there are 20 IB churches for the 4 million who live here.

RED pins - towns where they need a church.

In Limerick (the Blue pick), a city of 90,000, we are an hour from the closest Independent Baptist Church. One family cannot reach all these people.

A man who came to our church told me his parents had only ever traveled thirty minutes out of their town, and there are many others who are the same. Around the country you will find 70+ towns and villages across the Republic of Ireland that could use an Independent Baptist Church. They need someone who can bring the gospel to them locally.

Please pray and consider what the Lord might have you to do. Pray, give, or come to Ireland.

Coming to Ireland
Ireland is currently
closed to American missionaries, but it is wide open to American retirees. There are no restrictions for retirees and they can get citizenship after five years. If you're a retiree, you have an open door to come and start a church, or to give needed help to missionaries currently serving here. An added benefit is a smaller amount that would need to be raised, in addition to a pension or social security. Plus the temperature is very moderate, ranging from 70 degrees in the summer, to 35 degrees in the winter.